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Non-Marring Feed Fingers and Floating Reamer Holders for Automatic Screw Machines

Green Technologies is the trusted standard for non-marring Feed Fingers and Floating Reamer Holders for the turning and automatic screw machine industry.

Who set the Standard?

The Customer

Because Green Inserts are molded of the finest natural rubber, Green Feed Fingers can not possibly leave feed or witness marks regardless of the softness or finish of the bar stock. 

Our proprietary mold process allows the feeding of nearly any shape - rounds, squares, hexes, and splines - even tubing and asymmetrical shapes. For those who prefer cage-type pushers, and when running at machine capacity, the Green Giant is the non-marring cage pusher of choice.

Green Technologies can provide a non-marking Feed Finger for bar stock sizes from 1/16" to 3-15/32" and are available for nearly all screw machines.

For additional information or a Green catalog contact your Green  Distributor or email us at info@greentechnologies.biz


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